Assignment that I am most proud of

   There were a ton of assignments this year that I am super proud of. However, If I were to choose one, I would definitely choose my bi-weekly, "Signs of Spring." I am really proud of this bi-weekly because I was able to use my creativity and get some really interesting photographs. I am really proud of my flower photographs because I was able to get some really great detail and have the colors really stand out. After taking these photographs, I started taking more and more close up shots of different items, and they also really looked great! I think taking these photographs, really showed me a new way of taking photographs which I never thought of before. If I were to choose an assignment this semester that I am most proud of, I would choose my flower photograph from my "Signs of Spring" bi-weekly. 

Most Memorable Experiences

   There were a ton of memorable experiences from this semester. One of which was my first time in the dark room. I always wanted to know what the darkroom was used for since I always walked by it in the Middle School, and finally, I was able to find out! The first time I used the darkroom, I was taught the uses of all the machinery and chemicals used to develop a photo. I honestly felt like I was in a detective movie developing a photo for a criminal case. When I put my photo in the chemicals, however, I was sad to find out that the picture turned out almost completely white. Soon to find out, I had taken the photo out of each of the chemicals way to early. This would be the first learning moment for me in the darkroom because it taught me to pay attention to the timer when developing a photo.
   Another memorable experience from this semester came from one of my bi-weeklies. The focus of the photographs were "Signs of Spring." I was outside of my house, walking around my ne…

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

   After revisiting my goals from the beginning of the semester, I am proud to say that I did achieve my goals for the semester. At the beginning of the year, my goal was to further develop my knowledge of the basic functions of a camera while also learning new techniques to taking a photo. After taking Photo 1, I am proud to say that I have achieved this goal. I was fortunate enough to learn new camera settings that I did not know how to use previously, and I was also able to learn and practice new techniques for taking a photograph, like shooting super close for extreme detail, adding a frame, and even shooting at interesting angles. Throughout this semester, I really do think that I was able to further develop my basic knowledge of the camera, while also learning new techniques for taking photographs

Pinhole Photography


To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works; To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

   There are many aspects to Pinhole photography that I learned about this year. One of the first things I learned about was the photographic paper that is used to create the photo. I learned that When exposed to white light, the photo begins to develop. However, if the paper is not exposed to light for a long enough time, the photo will turn out white which means it's underexposed and needs more light. If the photo after it develops turns out black, that means it is overexposed and next time should receive less light. Next, I also learned about the different liquids used to develop a photo.  I learned about Developer which develops the photo so that it looks like a photo. Fixer, which fixes the image onto the paper so that the image does not mess up. Stopper, which stops the photo from developing any further. Lastly, Water to rinse off and chemical…

Forced Perspective Photographs and Polaroid Collages

Purpose:                 - To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective                    photographs and polaroid collages in a unique, original way;                 - To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;                 - To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skill;

  If I were to choose which one of my photoshop assignments was the most unique and successful, I would probably choose the portrait polaroid. I definitely think this was my most successful because I was able to take my time and make sure every detail turned out how I wanted it to. I really liked this polaroid because of the unique background and the interesting arm placement I edited. I took quite some time trying to find a suitable background for my polaroid that would make sense. When I found this brick background, I thought it was just perfect since it was a different color which made my polaroids pop out to the audience. This is…

Signs of Spring

Finally Spring
Spring is here,  In the air, on the ground, you can smell it arriving, on the trees, in the plants, in the chirping birds,
Birds are arriving, the grass is out,  many flowers blooming, busy bugs are flying, on the leaves drying,  on the leaves, the trees are turning green,
Spring, has finally arrived

"Who am I" video presentation

Who Am I : Camden R.