The Photographers

There are many interesting aspects that I would like to remember from watching National Geographics "The Photographers." The First Aspect I found to be very interesting is the time it took for a photo to be processed let alone be put into a magazine. The movie talked about how some photographs were taken and then processed for up to two years to try and make the photos "magazine worthy." Another interesting fact I learned from the movies was that when photographers started to take underwater photographs, they would bring up to 7 different cameras underwater with them since they could not change lenses underwater. The weight of all of the camera gear would sometimes be so much, they would leave camera gear on the ocean floor and return others one at a time so that they could float back up to the surface. Also, I found really interesting how the lions in Africa would get used to the light in their face and ignore it. I really would have thought that a light shinin…

History of Photography

There are many interesting things that I learned about the History of Photography. First, I learned about Joseph Nicephore Niepce who is very well known producing the first permanent photograph and how he was able to produce it. When he was around 20 years of age, he and his brother were experimenting with the novel-printing technique and found an easier way of producing a photograph, and they called it Heliography. Next, I learned about George Eastman and his amazing photographic company, The Kodak Company. When George was young, he loved to use cameras, but they were very expensive and his parents did not have much money at the time. George as he grew up, wanted to create a camera that is cheap, easy to use and is accessible to the public. He successfully created a 1$ camera for the public popularizing the use of Roll Film. Also, I learned about Dorothea Lange’s Great Depression photography. Dorothea Lange was a great photographer who took many photos of how the great depression …

Intro to levitation photography

   Levitation: the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers

   Paranormal: Denoting event or phenomena that is beyond scientific understanding

   In order to create a successful levitation photograph, you need to remember a couple of things. First, you need to remember that your subject needs to be above the ground in a strange way. You want to remember, that you don't want your photo to look like you jumped and took a photo. You want it to look like you are floating in a strange way. Next, you should pay attention to shadows. If you are floating, you want to remember that there should be a shadow since there is light around you. So, remember to put in shadows. Finally, I would recommend making the subject that is levitation to have a gesture or reaction. If all of a sudden, you started floating, you would not act like it was normal. you would probably be a little freaked out and surprised. So don't have t…


Hoping Trees
they grip their ground and face four seasons round trees don't walk but they do talk and sing and dance in the wind if you listen long enough  they'll tell you where you have been they'll say how long they have stood  and how glad they are not to be an old lumpy  soggy  pile of Wood.


              - To Notice your surroundings and capture your environment: oceans, forests, lakes, 
                mountains, etc.
              - To photograph different styles of architecture either from Yarmouth or surrounding 
              - To look and notice a variety of building styles and characteristics
              - Use creative problem-solving skills to communicate your surroundings;
              - To continue to practice the compositional strategies that you have learned

A Few Years Down The Road
Few years down the road, you won't remember how and why  you wailed and cried tonight
Few years down the road,  you won't remember the pain that you put through to  get that good grade
Few years down the road, you won't remember the stress you went through talking  to the person that you liked
Few years down the road,  you won't remember  the homework that you forgot to do tomorrow
Few years down the road, you will remember your struggle…

Photos with Quotes

In this picture, I tried multiple different things to make my image look unified with the applied quote. Walking around Yarmouth, I came across this flag pole with the flag dangling in the rain. When I captured this picture and looked back at it, I saw a tone of white space in the white lines that would be perfect for words or in this case a quote. When finding a quote, I thought about how the left side of the flag is all wet and stuck to another piece of the flag. When I found this quote by Barak Obama, I thought it would work perfectly. How when there are problems and difficulties,  only the people who love can help change it. There are tons of problems in our country currently and it seems that the only people who really want it help, are the people who really love our country. Since the flag was being pulled one direction by the wind, the white and red lines were in an up and down sort of pattern. So when I applied the quote to the picture, I made sure that the words match the…